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Services Offered


Dogs are boarded in my spacious home just below Montclair. They have free run of a large family room, kitchen and dining room area with a dog door to an outside deck and a large yard with a 6 ft. escape proof fence. There are dog beds upstairs and dogs are welcome in the bedroom (yes, even on the bed) at night. Visiting dogs are truly treated as members of the family. They receive a lot of love, affection, play time and walks. Walks are usually at the Pt. Isabel dog park where high energy dogs, with good off leash recall, can run, swim, chase balls and play with other friendly dogs. Dogs are generally off leash unless otherwise instructed by the owner.

As I have 2 dogs of my own (an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie), I normally board no more than one or two dogs at a time. Occasionally, if the situation is right, I will take a third dog.

I provide the kind of environment and services I would want if I had to leave my own dogs with someone else. In that regard, and to ensure that both dogs and their owners are comfortable, I encourage two visits to my home before the boarding commences. I also encourage owners to contact me by phone or email to check on their dogs.

Boarding Requirements

All dogs must be current in their vaccinations, spayed or neutered, well socialized with people and other dogs and able to go up and down stairs. Dogs must also be licensed and micro chipped.


I specialize in 2+ hours off leash excursions, usually at the Pt. Isabel dog park, for a small number of high energy Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs and other medium sized herding breeds who love to run, chase balls and swim. This is a limited service so please call or email me to discuss your dog's needs.


Drop in visits for your cat(s) can be scheduled once or twice a day. Visits are a minimum of 30 minutes. During the visit I will feed and play with your cat(s), provide fresh water, clean the litter box and dispense oral medications if necessary. I will also take in your mail and newspapers on request. Owners should feel free to contact me by phone or email to find out how their cat(s) are doing.